St. Vladimir Orthodox Christian Church - Trenton, New Jersey

812 Grand Street; Trenton, NJ 08610

Ministries: Education | Church Cemetery


 "I believe in One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church"


As the body of Christ, the parish family of St. Vladimir Orthodox Christian Church focuses on living out the Gospel as fully as the Holy Spirit allows us through our worship & ministries.  The core elements of everything we do as a parish will always reflect the values from the Gospels and the book of Acts - the Church in which we believe and confess.


It is our life of worship that strengthens us to do all of the other wonderful things to which we are called. Orthodox Christian worship is heavenly and Spirit-filled.  Join us!


Throughout the Gospels, our Savior Jesus Christ sits at table with those to whom He is ministering.  On the day of Pentecost, the apostles, endowed with the Holy Spirit, were gathered together breaking bread.  We have fellowship every Sunday following the Divine Liturgy and many times besides.  Join us!


Jesus Christ taught using sermons, parables and through His actions.  The apostles exhorted and demonstrated Christianity in their manner of living.  We strive to use the same educational methods for our youth, adults, and the community around us.  Join us!


Heeding the message of our Savior Jesus Christ in Matthew 25 and following the example of the apostles in Acts (2:45), our parish strives to meet those in need.  Join us!

Outreach & Evangelism

Believing that we are an apostolic church, our members understand and embrace the importance of not just opening our doors and being receptive, but going forth to share the good news of Jesus Christ and inviting everyone, even you, to experience Him in our own times.  Join us!