St. Vladimir Orthodox Christian Church - Trenton, New Jersey

812 Grand Street; Trenton, NJ 08610

Get to Know Our Parish Family!

Bowling Champions : )
Fr. Volodymyr & Matushka Oksana
Beautiful Worship...

Altar Boys
An Amazing Choir
In The Kitchen : )

Sunday School
Social & Educational Events
Picnic Fun
Bowling Champs Again!!
Join Us for Coffee Hour!

Fellowship & Friendship : )

Each Sunday after Liturgy, we go next door to Daria Hall to enjoy fellowship and delicious food and beverages. Please join us!!




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Sunday School Education

Learning about Our Lord!

*Visit the media tab to view pictures of the AMAZING Christmas 🎄 Yolka & Nativity play. 

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Happy Birthday Father Volodymyr!

"Many Years" to you on your special day!!

Special thanks go to Dottie L. for organizing a lovely & delicious celebration as well as Melody S. and the Sunday School children for presenting a very special gift!

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Read Our Weekly Church Bulletin!

Know What is Happening at St. Vladimir Church!!

Read our weekly church bulletin!

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Stewardship at St. Vladimir...Pitch In!

 Orthodox Christian Stewardship is a call to share willingly and cheerfully the gifts that God has bestowed on us. Knowing that all we possess is a result of the blessing & goodness of God, we are called to wisely manage our gifts of time, talent & treasure for His glory and for the building up of His body, the Church.

*Volunteers are needed to host Coffee Hour! Please see Michael Toth

Many hands make light work : ) : ) ♥ ♥


  A tremendous THANK YOU to all of the hard working helpers : ) 

WHO... cleaned our church and made it shine for Pascha!

WHO...cleaned & beautified our cemetery grounds!

WHO...cleaned & organized in the kitchen!


*Donate to The  Rev. Paul & Matushka Mary Shafran Endowment Fund!

This Endowment established in their honor provides funds to benefit all aspects of student life at St. Vladimir Seminary.

**  OR 

**St. Vladimir Seminary 575 Scarsdale Road, Yonkers, NY 10707

Kindly note “Shafran Endowment “ on your donation. Thank you for your support of this worthy cause!



Our Talents in Action!

Members of our parish donating their time & cooking talents to the art of Pierogi making.